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Cinema Radio City was one of the largest, most popular, most equipped and most luxurious cinemas in Tehran during the Pahlavi II period, which became a venue for the community of wealthy classes, youth and intellectuals of their time. The cinema was always crowded, and its ticket in the black market was sold twice as much as the real price, and sometimes the crowd was crowded so much that the police intervened to control the situation. Unlike most cinemas of this era, huge amounts of neon have been used in red, blue, and white colours on the main façade which gave the cinema a special effect on the night.


The cinema was burnt at the beginning of the revolution and in the events of 1979, its neon lamps were shot. After the revolution, the cinema changed for a short time to the pharmacy. But then it has been abandoned to Valiasr Avenue until today.

In 1965,  the movie "The Birds" by Hitchcock was screening, a number of pigeons were flown by the audiences from the cinema's balcony to the air, which interrupted the screening & put the event on hold.




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